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Jacob M. Davis


He began working as a community organizer in 2010, while working with underprivileged youth throughout Oakland. He began volunteering for his son’s football team and noticed there was a lack of genuine caring for the youth within organized sports. He found that their primary goal was just to win games by any means necessary, with no care or concern for the overall development of the child. This raised a red flag for him which led him to develop a blueprint on how to make a stronger connection between youth sports and academics. Jacob and his co-founder created the East Bay Panthers with a focus on education and not just sports: He wants kids to win in every aspect of their lives! Not only teaching youth how to play football but also giving them a sense of belonging, as well as confidence and self-esteem. The East Bay Panthers are fully committed to providing a safe and positive environment so that our youth can thrive. 

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Julius Boyd


He has been involved with youth sports for the last 7 years and loves it. It all started when his own children began to play sports.  He started out volunteering as a team dad watching his kids play, which sparked an interest in becoming a coach.  Today, Julius is the Vice President of the East Bay Panther where he has discovered his passion for football.  But, helping children is his true passion. His goal is to connect at risk youth via sports and sportsmanship to build character and discipline. “The greatest feeling in the world is watching the smiles on the faces of kids you have helped.”

East Bay Panthers Athletic Director and Spokesperson Savone Taylor
Spokes Person

Savone Taylor


He brings 10 plus years of football experience including high school teams; Mt. Diablo and Castlemont. As a football player himself, he has played multiple positions, including center, defensive linebacker, and on special teams. As a part of Castlemont’s varsity team during the 2011-2012 season, they held the best defensive record in the Oakland Athletic League. He averaged 3 sacks, 2 forced fumbles, and 5 tackles per game. His goal is to help every single child achieve their goal either on or off the football field.

East Bay Panthers Cheer Director Joi Morgan
Team Manager - Cheer

Joi Taylor


She graduated from an Oakland School for the arts where she focused on ballet and contemporary dance. She’s also was involved with cheer during high school career and she cheered for the Legends Allstar cheer team based out of Brentwood, California. After graduating high school, she volunteered to teach Modern Dance for Alvin Ailey Dance Summer Camp for youth in Berkeley. During that experience I learned how much of a big role extracurricular activities played in our youths’ lives. Joi believes that by keeping our youth busy with different and positive outlets to express themselves will help them to be better individuals as they grow. It was always a pleasure of hers to give back by working with the youth in her community. Being able to see the smiles on each and every participant’s face makes her work that much more gratifying.

East Bay Panthers Secretary and Treasurer Carla Jackson

Carla Jackson


She currently resides in Vallejo, CA where she is raising her two wonderful children, Trinity & Jordan. For the past 20 years, she has been employed with the U.S. Postal Service and started her career as a Retail Window Clerk, but today Carla works as a District Retail Manager and oversee 200+ Post Offices throughout the Bay Area.  She is also an active member of the Mt. Tabor Baptist Church, where she serves as the Financial Secretary.  As an East Bay Panther Board Member, she contributes her many years of financial expertise and is committed to ensure the organization remains compliant with all state and local accounting/bookkeeping laws.  Carla is a strong believer that, “It takes a village to raise a child.”  She also believes that, in order to sustain in today’s economy, it takes a community of strong leaders building one another up collectively with the same mindset and goals. She desires to contribute all her knowledge, talents and time to support The East Bay Panthers.


Team Mom

Jasmine owens


Currently living in the Bay Area, Jasmine raises three kids with a full time business management career.  Jasmine is a committed hardworking woman who provides for her family and others if need be.  She graduated from Cal State East Bay with her masters in business. Growing up she helped teach children karate and discipline after obtaining her black belt.  Jasmine is also very in tune with football. She is caring, committed, and there when you need her.          

Cheer Director

Teresa Helm


General Manager

William Bracy


Graduate of George Washington high school in San Francisco,Ca (1982). Veteran of the U.S. Army (1982- 1985). Coaching experience; 21 years football and & 10 years of basketball Played 3 years of youth football in San Francisco, (1975- 1977). High school All-American as a (wr) in 1979, at George Washington high school in San Francisco. 3 years of Semi-professional football experience (1983- 1986).

Athletic Director