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     Cheerleading is not just about slick dance moves and pom-pom's, it’s so much more than that. Cheerleading is more like a cool mix of artistic and rhythmic gymnastics with a street dance twist. Imagine extraordinary balancing acts, frenzied flipping, tossing and twirling and moves that wouldn’t look out of place in the Olympic Games.

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     We believe that the importance of a quality team and depending on one another can be taught at any age.  Not only will we teach our cheer squads the fun stuff and cheering fundamentals, but more importantly how to trust one another to come together and work as a team collectively. Through our squad, the girls will make friendships that we hope will last a lifetime. The panthers believe that each athlete brings a new perspective, a different personality and talent which makes our squad complete.

     We stress the importance of cheer, not just in terms of competition, but also in sideline presence and motivating our football teams and the audiences that come to watch them play. One of our most important jobs is to cheer for all our East Bay Panther football teams. Our philosophy is that if our players are on the field, our cheerleaders will also be on the field because we are one team built to win!

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